Holliday Dance
Holliday Dance Class Descriptions
  • Ballet: ages 2 - adult

    Ballet training is essential for all styles and methods of dance. Ballet puts an emphasis on technique and core strengthening, and provides young dancers with the fundamentals for becoming a poised and graceful performer.

    Classes will consist of extensive barre and turning technique as well as centre and across-the-floor. Ballet is a requirement for all competition team members. Holliday Dance ballet instructors include Sharon Hollingshead and Tessa Rossi, as well as Master classes by Nicole Swope, owner of Centre Dance; and Jamie Roberts, retired professional ballet dancer and co-owner of Huntingdon Dance Academy, with his wife Kristin Shoaf Roberts.

  • Jazz: ages 4 - 19

    Jazz dancing is a fun and energetic way to refine a dancer’s strength and control, while building stamina and coordination. Jazz dance includes a wide array of styles, including theatre performance and character dance.

    Jazz classes consist of a warm-up, across-the-floor technique and turning technique. Holliday Dance jazz instructors include Sharon Hollingshead, Diana McGough and Marissa Carney.

  • Tap: ages 2 - adult

    Tap dance provides the dancer with rhythm, precision, and the ability to follow the tempo of the music with their feet. Tap is a unique style of dance that is a delight for both the eyes and the ears.

    Tap classes consist of across-the-floor and barre technique. Holliday Dance tap instructors include Diana McGough, Sharon Hollingshead, and Abigail Griffith.

  • Hip Hop: ages 6 - 19

    Hip-Hop is a high-energy, rhythmic style of dance, which is found not only on the stage, but on dance floors across the world. Hip-Hop is a fresh and funky dance style, usually set to popular and current music.

    The Holliday Dance hip-hop instructors include Marissa Carney and Abigail Griffith.

  • Lyrical: ages 6 - 19

    Lyrical dancing is a unique style of dance which combines the fundamentals of ballet technique and jazz movements. Lyrical, often referred to as the most emotional of the dances, brings beauty and grace to the stage.

    The Holliday Dance lyrical instructors are Diana McGough and Abigail Griffith.

  • Acro: ages 2 - 19

    Acro is similar to gymnastics. Dancers will work on their flexibility as well as tricks on and off the mat and across-the-floor.

    Holliday Dance’s acro instructors include Marissa Carney and Abigail Griffith.

  • Modern: ages 12 - 19

    Modern dance is free-movement dance form, with original and unique choreography and music. Modern is both expressive and distinctive in its style and movement.

    Holliday Dance’s modern instructor is Marissa Carney.

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